sunday coffee date :: four.

^we went to the Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse exhibition this weekend, and it was as good as I'd hoped. I definitely recommend it, go before it ends in April!

It's apparently the first day of Spring today, but I'm yet to remember what real warmth feels like! There have been some hopeful sightings of blossoms and blue skies around London, which always lifts my spirits.

I just realised that my last Sunday Coffee Date was back in November, which is a little scary - how have four months passed by so quickly? It's been pretty great in many ways, and I think I've done my best (for the most part) at being productive and positive.

Our Vietnamese adventure is just around the corner, and I don't think a holiday has ever been more welcome by both me and E - we are beyond excited for some heat, sunshine, beach time, amazing food and spending time with his sister, her husband and three delightful kids. We are so lucky to be able to have family act as our tour guides, and to host us! Another of E's sisters lives in Australia, so that's another place on the bucket list we need to take advantage of as well... all in good time.

For the few days that we will be by ourselves on Phu Quoc Island, we've chosen a hotel that fits perfectly with my resolutions for mindful living - I'll definitely report back, I hope it's as special as it seems from the reviews!

Although I have a few books on my kindle and bookshelf on my to-read list, I'm considering adding a couple of page-turners to the mix for our travels. If you've got truly stuck in a book lately, please give me any recommendations!

Can we talk about the new season of House of Cards? It's back on form after a somewhat lacklustre third season, and the Underwoods are as terrifying as ever. E and I have had the "Trump or Underwood?" debate, which I'm sure is not uncommon to HoC watchers out there. It says a whole lot about the current state of things across the pond...

Also, is anyone else struggling through the second season of Serial? I just can't get into it. I'm almost up to date, but it just isn't gripping me the way the first season did, and I'm wondering if I'm alone. Do I need to be more educated about the subject matter at hand? Or is it just a narrative that's less "direct" than Adnan's story?

I'm off to get an early night of sleep as I get over a pesky cold, and make myself some Teapigs Peppermint and Liquorice tea (so delicious, I don't like liquorice but this tea is quite special) - here's to a happy first week of springtime.

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