sambal shiok

It's actually been a few months since I ate all of this delicious food you'll see below (so jealous of past me), I waited to write about it for a reason. 

I went to Sambal Shiok's previous pop up in Salvation in Noodles (which I also love) when it was just about to finish, so I didn't want to tease you with it until I knew where their next residency was! And now I'm ready, because their new pop up in The Sun & 13 Cantons is up and running - it's in the centre of town, takes bookings, and will serve the dishes I'm showing you here and more. 

It's actually just coincidence that we have a Malaysian double whammy on WTW, but they are both very different, which just shows the scope of Malaysian cuisine and how much more I need/want to learn about it!

So back in January, we fought against the freezing cold and warmed up with a seriously punchy and delectable dinner by Mandy and her team. It was the perfect thing to defrost our toes (before torturing ourselves again afterwards, trying to see the London Lumiere Festival lights...) - especially that laksa! Definitely not for anyone who can't take spice, my sister and Matt both enjoyed theirs and declared the rich red soup worthy of lighting their mouths on fire. Tamsin, E and I went for the Beef Rendang, which also had plenty of kick with the addition of their signature Sambal chilli sauce, but was otherwise slightly less of a risky pick. I loved it, though - it was hearty, addictive and strangely comforting, considering it was my first time eating Rendang. 

We also shared the Hainan dumplings and the fried chicken, both of which I would definitely recommend.

I'm yet to visit the current pop up, but I'm sure I will - maybe I'll brave the laksa next time! It does look pretty fantastic, doesn't it? 

They're open for another 3 months or so, so get there sharpish and let me know what you thought!

Sambal Shiok
current pop up:
The Sun & 13 Cantons
21 Great Pulteney St
Lunch Tues to Fri 12-3, Sat 12.30-3
Dinner Tues, Weds & Sat 5.30-9

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