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I hope you don't mind me rewinding back a few months - there's still some NYC recapping to do! It gives me an excuse to relive the memories, and what amazing memories they are.

As well as the other highlights like Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty, we embraced the culture and nightlife of the city that never sleeps...


Broadway Musical {The Book of Mormon}

We went to see the much-hyped-about musical at the beginning of our trip, and found ourselves quoting lines from it for the rest of our time in New York! It was hilarious, completely politically incorrect, and the enthusiastic audience made for a truly special night. E, Mr. I-don't-like-musicals (he actually likes the music from many musicals, and the story from those same shows, but doesn't like the combination of story and song. I've heard this is quite common?) thought it was great, and we belly laughed until the very end. 

Even if you're not a musical fan, seeing a show on Broadway is an experience in itself, and I urge you to give it a go. Before the show, we grabbed a bite from the legendary Halal Guys food stand, and their wrap was insanely good. Highly recommended!


MOMA - Museum of Modern Art

We sadly didn't make it to the Met this time, but we did manage to spend a good few hours in MOMA on the one and only rainy day in the city. They're very relaxed about photography in the museum, so I took a few snaps of some of my favourite and celebrated paintings, but of course, it doesn't compare to the real thing. It was busy but not unbearably so, and it was the perfect way to shelter from the rain and soak up the frankly unbelievable collection. 

A little tip: you can get a combination ticket for the Top of the Rock and MOMA, which saves you several $$$. 


Rockwood Music Hall

We were staying with a friend on the Lower East Side, and he told us about this local gem. Although we only went into the front room, which is Stage 1, there are three rooms in total with different artists in each one, every evening. Entry is free for all the shows except those that indicate otherwise, and they have a good selection of cocktails and other drinks at the bar for you to enjoy. We lucked out with a couple of brilliant singer/songwriters, and had a very chilled out night where we kind of felt like local New Yorkers! If you're in the area, I would definitely suggest going there for a post-dinner drink and listen to some great music.


10K Race on Roosevelt Island

After the race, E and I both kept saying how glad we were that we planned this into our trip! It was such good fun, especially as it was Halloween-themed and we got to dress up (a bit - we didn't go to crazy!) and see all the amazing costumes of other runners, too. The whole thing was organised very well, we picked up our race packets the day before at a sports shop, the island was easy to get to on the Subway, and we were extremely lucky with plenty of sunshine and blue skies. We kitted ourselves out with some bits and pieces we found at a costume store the day before (it was SO busy in there!), and because Americans go all out for Halloween, no one batted an eyelid when we went on the Subway looking like we did at 8am in the morning (we did get a few sneaky smiles though). 

If you're interested in doing a race in New York, this site has all the races and info (they have so many, there's bound to be one you can do, even if you're only visiting for a week like we did!).


The Metropolitan Opera at the Lincoln Center {Tosca}

We booked tickets to see Tosca at The Met as soon as the tickets went on sale, and although our seats were pretty high up, we got decent tickets for very cheap (less than $40 each, less than half of what our Broadway tickets!). The building itself is absolutely gorgeous, and I couldn't get enough of the view from the outside, lit up in all its glory. Much like the musical, it feels like such a special occasion and the atmosphere was wonderful. The opera itself was a mixed bag for us (the orchestra was fantastic, as was the soprano Angela Gheorghiu, but we had lukewarm feelings about some of the other singers) - but we are fussy judges when it comes to opera, and the audience loved it, as did we for the most part! It was a magical evening and I definitely hope to return.


The Highline

I'm sure that most of you are familiar with the Highline - a renovated rail track that has been designed and opened as a public walkway and space for installations. As it's situated above the roads and streets of Manhattan, you can walk right over the traffic and buildings and experience a unique view of the city. We walked about half way along the Highline around sunset, and it gave us a different perspective, almost floating in the calm above the hustle and bustle down below. I wish we had had time to go all the way across!


Garage Jazz Bar and Restaurant

Now, this makes me incredibly sad as I've just seen that this place closed down at the end of last year. But I can't not write about it, as we had one of my favourite nights in NYC there and this is my way of immortalising it! This place was also recommended to us by our friend, and it was a jazz bar/restaurant with so much character and atmosphere. As we went on the night of Halloween, after our incredible dinner at Sushi Nakazawa, all the staff and most of the customers were impressively dressed up (we saw a they-must-be-the-real-thing Batman and Catwoman!), and the place was decked out in spider webs galore. 

Again, we just happened to visit when an amazing jazz trio was performing (the drummer was the coolest Japanese man I've ever seen), the drinks were great, and I could have stayed there all night. When we left, the Halloween parade had started and it took us a while to navigate our way around to the Subway station! 

How I miss you, New York.
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