I realise that for many people, January is a month of detoxing and upping the healthy factor, so I do apologise in advance. The thing is, it's freezing in London, and we as human beings are in scientific need of extra padding. So do what you must - whether it's bookmarking this for a future indulgent meal, adding this to an ever-growing list of burger places to try, or hightailing it there tonight to combat the cold, I assure you that this is worth it.

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of a quality burger, so I've tried a fair few in the city. However, back in December, BRGR.CO was one that had so far escaped my burger hopping around town, and I was very excited to check it out - with my fellow burger enthusiast S in tow.

We escaped the rain and settled into a cosy table, and got right into studying the menu. There's a good selection of different toppings, a falafel or a chicken burger option, and even hot dogs on offer. We were drawn to their signature selection and both went for the Hanger Steak Burger, mine with caramelised onion and cheese, and S's with cheese and guacamole.

For me, the real test for a burger place is for them to present a perfectly medium-rare burger (it's what I always request, and I've definitely been disappointed in the past), and I was relieved to see that they got it spot on. The caramelised onions were such a great touch and I wish all burgers had them! Also very important is the bun, which I loved here - the demi brioche bun is exactly the kind that I would go for if I could choose. Needless to say, the quality of the meat was excellent - they use grass-fed beef from a top Scottish butcher, and it was delicious.

Although we had both started our festive eating (there is so much eating out in December!), we couldn't help but give into the temptation of a couple of extremely decadent side dishes - the parmesan truffle fries, and the mac & cheese. Yep, we went there.

To be honest, we couldn't quite manage to finish them, but we did our very best and I had no complaints about either - the fries were a tad over-seasoned, but I would probably still order them again because parmesan truffle. Parmesan. Truffle.

The mac & cheese was such a comforting addition on such a horrendous day (weather-wise...), and I could have happily made a meal out of that by itself. 

We definitely had to roll ourselves home after that feast - not before taking a few snapshots of the restaurant, where the staff was so friendly! The chefs in the open kitchen saw me pointing a camera at them, and immediately gave me big grins and thumbs up. A very cheery end to the evening indeed.


BRGR.CO have two locations - we went to the Soho one, and there is also one in Chelsea. I don't think you'll be disappointed with their burgers, and would you believe it - they take bookings! 

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disclaimer: we were guests of BRGR.CO and invited to write an honest review. all opinions are my own, as always.