verona :: pasta, pizza, gelato, repeat.

When you think of Verona, you probably think of Romeo & Juliet first and foremost - and while that's all well and good, there is so much more to Verona than that golden statue of Juliet, or even the world famous open air Arena (which is incredible, but not all that interesting if you're not attending a show there). It's a place where you can enjoy high quality food and wine at a reasonable price, an artisan gelateria on every corner, plenty of areas for refuge from heaving tourists, and each cobbled street has that Northern Italy charm.

My sister and I had first visited years ago with our parents, attended a stunning production of the opera Aida in the Arena, and went around the surrounding cities - but we both agreed that it's different going as adults. We had a great few days, including a trip to Lake Garda and exploring Verona, and I can't wait to share some snapshots with you!

On our first day, we were starving for lunch when we arrived mid-afternoon, and after as much wandering around as we could bear, we ended up in a cafΓ© that looked suspiciously touristy - Caffe Al Teatro. Kana and I both hate to waste a meal out on mediocre food, so we crossed our fingers as we waited for our carbonara and ravioli... and of course, we had no reason to worry. We discovered that Verona has very high standard when it comes to food, and we weren't disappointed with a single meal there! We did do a little research online for each place we ate at, which is always worth it.

We had a nice stroll in the sunshine (it felt so good to escape the dreary London weather!), and had our cameras snapping away every few footsteps as it was all so beautiful. 

Inevitably, we had gelato pretty much every day - our first day pick was Savoia where I had the pistachio and yogurt - amazing. 

We weren't actually there on holiday (at least for the first few days), but we definitely made the most of our free time on each day - we typically ate lunch out and had a healthier dinner at our apartment in the evenings. This also meant that we could eat outside a lot of the time, which I honestly love more than anything!

Our first pizzas in Verona were at Pizzeria Bella Napoli which were were fantastic, and also affordable at about 8 euros per pizza. As much as London has some amazing pizza places, they do taste different in Italy! We definitely had to walk around a little bit before fitting in our daily gelato.

Another lunch we had was at Enocibus, which was a small little trattoria on a narrow street, with a very friendly and welcoming host and superb food, as well as delicious local wines. We tried a platter of Italian cured meats, and shared the lasagna which was not your typical lasagna - the sauce was drier and not too tomato-y, and the pasta was cooked to perfection. Absolutely loved this place.

We had so many gelatos I can't even remember which we had when, but we also tried La Stagione del Gelato, where the portions were huge and the mascarpone gelato was excellent. 

So clearly, we were off to a good start! I hope you can get a little taste of Verona and beautiful surrounding areas through my posts - stayed tuned for more Italian adventures.