the happy list :: september 2015

all photos from my Instagram!

I apologise for possibly the longest gap I've left between posts... ever?! 10 days. I realise that's not particularly long, but it felt like an age. September was a busy month with various work-related things going on, but hopefully this post will get me back on track again!

Read: I've been extra slow at reading this past month, and it doesn't help that this book is pretty long, but I'm currently reading A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara and already know it'll be an emotional ride. 

Watched: I've mostly been putting on Gilmore Girls in the background, but I'm excited that Scandal, Homeland and the Good Wife are all starting again! 

Ate: Pretty much everything I ate in Italy. Oh, the gelatos. More to come!

Purchased: It probably doesn't count as I barely paid money for it (in exchange for handing in my old handset and as an upgrade) but my new iPhone 6s! As a snap-happy, Instagram-addicted techno-geek of sorts, this shiny new toy with an impressive camera makes me very excited indeed.

Clicked: - The Girl Next Shore by Honey. You probably know by now that Honey is a good friend of mine, and I choose my friends very carefully! She's a little ray of sunshine, and this month, her blog has been full of my favourite things: Asian food and Italian flair. What's not to love? From London foodie highlights including Dozo, Chisou and OnTheBab to the beauty of the Duomo Cathedral in Milan and spectacular Italian cuisine, her posts will certainly put a smile on your face.

               - SilverSpoon London by Angie. When you have Angie's blog bookmarked, you hardly need a travel magazine - she'll give you enough wanderlust to last you a good while! This month, she's featured The Viceroy Bali (simply dreamy), The Marina Sands Hotel in Singapore (that pool! those skyscrapers!) and Mozaic (aka the best restaurant in Bali). Green with envy yet? Luckily for people like me, she's also highlighted some exciting places and activities in London, including Fischer's (reminds me of my days in Salzburg!), The Piccadilly and Petit Fours Tour and Egg Break, which have all gone on my wishlist. 

Listened: I've finally seemed to reach my limit of podcast subscriptions, and have no new additions this month. I've been thoroughly enjoying the Gilmore Guys still (can you tell I'm going through a GG phase? Although it's technically my third time watching the show...), and it's so great to see how far they've grown since they started and are now interviewing cast and crew members! It just shows you never know where something might end up if you keep at it. 

Ran: This is painful to admit, but I did zero running this month. I wasn't kidding when I said I've been busy, but to be honest, I've been just as busy before and managed to do at least a little running. I blame it on the weather... although it's actually been pretty nice for the past week or so... let me just go and hang my head in shame. 

No, not really! Although I value exercise and fitness (I have still taken quite a few ClassPass classes this month, though not nearly as many as during the summer), I don't like to beat myself up about it if I have an off-month (or three). The only thing is that I do have this 10K race in less than a month, so I will definitely be getting my running mojo back during October!

Blogged: Again, blogging has been a little sparse, but of what I did write, my first post about Verona is my favourite. 

Cooked: No original recipes to share, but I was doing a fair bit of cooking towards the end of the month, as E and I recently signed up to Abel & Cole and have been experimenting with delicious produce and organic meats and fish! When my sister was here, we also did a Raclette night which was amazing.

Visited: Verona & Lake Garda, Italy. Again, I will resume my posts on that trip ASAP!

Thanks so much for reading!
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