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Brunch. Everyone loves it, including me, but there is always the big, daunting question when you sit down for that decadent weekend treat - sweet or savoury? I know, hard times.

I'm a savoury > sweet person, but when the words "pancakes" or "french toast" float in front of me, my carb-loving stomach is torn in two. Eggs or pancakes? Fry up or french toast? Hence why the classic bacon & pancakes combo is something I'm particularly a fan of. Sweet & salty can never go too wrong.

So you can imagine my excitement when I spotted the fried chicken and waffle dish on the Hotbox menu, even before I got there. My heart was pretty set, but I studied the menu anyway whilst my brunch pals made their choices - I was with some of my favourite foodie/blogger friends, plus E and my sister who was visiting, which always makes for a great time.

Hotbox is always buzzing and difficult to book a table at, so we turned up just before they opened and were given a (slightly cramped) table for one and a half hours. This in itself wasn't an issue, but the service wasn't the best - they were friendly enough, but we felt a little harassed into leaving when our time wasn't even up yet. I'd recommend booking if you can get hold of the on the phone (one of us tried several times and failed to get through). 

Anyway, back to the food. I did get the fried chicken & waffle (with maple syrup and truffle salt), and quite enjoyed it. The chicken was excellent - Hotbox is known for its meat, so I'm glad it lived up to expectations - and the waffle was good, too. I know this kind of dish is a thing that's been around for a while and particularly common in the US, but it was my first time trying it and I would be up for having something like that again. I mean, fried food and carbs with a sweet/salty kick... what's not to like?

As for the others, Thach and E got the brunch burger, which I think was probably the winner of them all - I regret not trying a bite, but it looked amazing and the boys confirmed that they were top notch. The verdict on the pancakes by Tamsin and E (yes, my husband was extra hungry... you can judge him) was that they were ok but nothing special, Yee enjoyed her meat hash, and Alexandra, my sister and I were all pretty much in agreement about the chicken & waffle - pretty good, not spectacular.

I think that had Hotbox not been so hyped up and had we gone with no expectations, we might have been more impressed with the food, and I'm willing to return just to try that burger myself. We had a fun time though and I think the bottomless brunch deal there is what ropes people in (Β£25 for unlimited brunch booze) - one day I might feel brave enough for that...

I'm always on the lookout for interesting and delicious brunch spots in London - if you know any that I might not have tried yet, send suggestions my way, please!

46-48 Commercial St.
E1 6LT
0207 247 1817
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