dublin :: sunshine in dún laoghaire

After the festivities of S & T's wedding, E and I went for a one night mini-break on the coast of Dublin Bay, in the little town of Dún Laoghaire. We just wanted to go somewhere quiet by the sea, to spend time together away and celebrate our belated two year wedding anniversary, so it was the perfect spot to relax - whenever I travel somewhere new, I'm so desperate to do and see absolutely everything that I can (an over-achieving tourist, if you will), so it was actually nice to be somewhere where there wasn't much to do! We did get into a laughing fit whilst walking along the pier about how we were probably two of the youngest people staying in our hotel.

Which was the Royal Marine Hotel - we got a bargain of a deal there, with a three course dinner and bottle of wine, upgrade to a seaview room and full Irish breakfast included. It's not often that we stay in hotels (we are mostly airbnb people), so it felt quite luxurious to stay somewhere like this! We even made use of the spa facilities - sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, which I really enjoyed, if only to be entertained by E looking hilariously uncomfortable - "Is all this steam really healthy for you? This jacuzzi, do people really find this relaxing? The bubbles are so violent." - I died laughing.

We had a delicious dinner at the hotel restaurant, and the next day, we were lucky enough to be blessed with the most gorgeous summer's day. The sky and sea were blue as can be, it was warm (for Ireland, at least!), and we had the best time just meandering around the town, the coast and basking in the sunshine. We kept saying that it felt like sea looked like the mediterranean! 

It was a wonderful way to wrap up an exciting and memorable few days, and once again, Ireland proved to be quite the beauty.