a little makeover

Apologies for being somewhat quiet around here lately, and being so awful at replying to comments (each and every one is read and loved though, thank you!) - hopefully, this will explain things. Yes, WTW has a brand new logo, look, feel & platform! Basically, anything that could be changed and updated, was. 

I'd been pondering and researching for months to try and decide which direction to take this blog in (in terms of technical location/logistics), since I knew that I wanted out of Blogger. It served me well while it lasted, but after a couple of mysterious problems with my blog disappearing and the total lack of customer support, I knew it was better to switch over sooner rather than later.

After debating Wordpress vs SquareSpace for a while, I finally decided to go for SS and have not looked back. Although it has been hard work and a fair few moments of head-scratching and cursing, I am so pleased with the new site and in relation to how different it is to the old one, it was pretty straight-forward once I got the hang of things. The SS Live Chat support also helped, as well as the customer forums, and although there is still a lot of tweaking to be done (my imported posts are formatted strangely and my inner perfectionist is dying a little), I hope it's easy to navigate and a pleasure to look at!

Possibly my favourite page of the whole blog is the Travel one - you can click through and read any of my previous travel blogs, categorised by location. I have also compiled my more personal posts into Series and Memories & Musings, which will now hopefully be easier to find than trawling through my archives.

Of course, organising my food posts was also a priority, and you can now look through all my restaurant reviews (categorised by cuisine with thumbnail images for each restaurant), and find all the decadently delicious (E) and easy and simple (me) cooking that we do at home (also with thumbnails). 

My two pressing issues are that 1) although I have re-installed Disqus, all of my old comments from the blog have disappeared! I am desperately hoping that they can help me out with this, and b) I'm not exactly sure whether my posts will appear on Bloglovin', Feedly and other sites my readers might be waiting for updates from. My domain is the same, so it should be working... I'll have to look into that as well. If anyone knows anything about how to solve these snags, I would be forever grateful! In the meantime, you can like my FB page (if you'd like to!) - my new posts will pop up your newsfeed and you won't miss anything.

For now, I'd like to resume regularly scheduled programming - I'll be back with more regular posts, comments and adventures. Thank you so much for your patience, and for all your constant support!