NYC sights :: central park

Oh, Central Park. It was everything I wanted it to be, and more - and we didn't even get to see half of it! I really wish we could have spent more time there, but I'm not worried, we'll definitely be back one of these days. 

Everyone had told us that October would be beautiful in NYC, and boy were they right. The colours of the foliage were straight out of a postcard, close up and from up above - and the juxtaposition of the greenery with the skyscrapers in the background is just so iconic and spectacular. 

Although some parts were busier, many corners of the park felt very peaceful and quiet. The world of honking taxis and Fifth Avenue shoppers felt like miles away, and the autumn sunshine was delightfully golden and warm. I suppose it is a little bit like the big parks in London - these cities wouldn't be the same without them.

On our next trip, I want to get a boat on the lake! I would also love to see it in the spring, with the cherry blossoms and tulips. Or in the winter, covered in snow... basically, I'd like to live in New York for one year and experience all the seasons, please. I'll manage the unbearable heat and the miserable cold, the adrenaline would keep me going!

It's the strangest thing, I almost feel a strange sense of homesickness for New York. Of course, I realise that I'm not homesick, but I feel connected to the city and know it'll probably remain one of my top 3 places to live in the world. If you're a New Yorker, please enjoy every single day and never take it for granted. I know that as a Londoner, many people would want me to do the same, so I'll do my bit, too - I love London just as much, and the grass isn't always greener!