christmas festivities

I hope everyone is well and truly rested, after the Christmas whirlwind and the post-festivities weekend - hopefully filled with lots of leftovers, chilling in pyjamas and watching cosy movies!

It's been nice taking a little break from the blog (I think it's been over 10 days!), as I still had a bit of work to do over the last few days (although I did take Christmas eve & day off), and still wanted to have the most spare time to relax as possible! And to be honest, this Christmas has been the most relaxing for me - I literally could not have been more lazy, I did none of the cooking and all of the eating, and it has been quite blissful.

On Christmas eve, E and I went to Somerset House for a spot of ice skating - the first time I went there to ice skate was about 12 years ago, which makes me feel so old! I used to rollerblade a lot as a young teen, so although it always takes a few minutes to get used to the movement, I thoroughly enjoy skating and it just feels so festive! The setting is unfailingly beautiful, and we caught a beautiful sunset on our way out which was a bonus.

Onto Christmas eve dinner! For both me and E, our most extravagant dinners growing up were on the 24th (in France, the tradition is to also open the presents on Christmas eve), so we made sure to celebrate accordingly. He prepared an incredible dinner of foie gras terrine with Sauterne jelly, duck confit, celeriac purΓ©e and grilled asparagus, with a huge tiramisu that we barely made a dent in! We popped open a very special Tattinger, had some Sauterne with our starter, and had such a lovely evening winding down (especially for him, who'd been cooking and prepping for a few days!) and putting up our feet. 

I honestly did not lift a finger for this meal, and I feel ridiculously lucky to have a husband who loves to cook for a wife who loves to eat! 

And then it was Christmas day. After a glorious lie-in, we gathered our things and were picked up by our friends to head over to theirs for yet another feast! And yet again, I did no cooking or helping whatsoever - I know, I sound like such a princess. I really can't defend myself, I was spoilt rotten.

E and Y, the male half of this gang of four, had decided and planned a menu prior to the big day, and P and I kept them company in the kitchen, sipping on champagne and chatting. Sounds like a hard life, doesn't it? Well, I'm not sure anyone has as good a life as Truffles, their adorable puppy (not such a puppy anymore, but he's still very little and very cute). He really did not appreciate the Santa costume (possibly because it looks like a dress?), so we didn't make him wear it for too long, but he was a distinct presence during dinner as he looked up at us with his gorgeous eyes, begging for a teeny tiny bite of anything we let fall off of our forks! 

After snacking on some leftover foie gras from last night, our starter was a Langoustine SoufflΓ© with poached quail egg, which was absolutely divine. The main had to be a Beef Wellington - no turkey to be seen around here! Made with Ginger Pig beef (the quality is outstanding), served with indulgent Gratin Dauphinois, honey roasted carrots and celeriac purΓ©e, it was a stupendous dinner and the boys did an amazing job. It was the perfect way to spend Christmas day, and we all slept very well that night!

And here we are, in those limbo days between Christmas and New Year. I've been doing some work here and there, and tomorrow I'll be flying to Tokyo to spend a couple of weeks there. No doubt there'll be plenty of food eaten, which of course, means I'll report back right here on WTW.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are still enjoying the holiday season - it goes by in a blink, so let's soak it up as much as possible!