a coffee lover's heaven with nespresso & currys

If you know me very well, you'll know that not only am I a coffee addict (I can probably count on one hand the number of days I go without coffee per year), and that I am a black coffee girl - hold the milk and sugar, please. This is not a preference based on dietary or health reasons, I simply love the taste of pure coffee. 

E is equally into coffee as I am, and we absolutely adore the Nespresso machine that we were given as a wedding present from someone very dear to us. So when the guys at Joe Blogs invited me to an event all about coffee by Nespresso and Currys, I obviously could not turn it down. 

We gathered at The Fable which was a lovely venue, and we were navigated through 4 different stations in groups, each lead by an expert - the first being a coffee tasting. 

The maestro from Nespresso taught us so much that I had no idea about - one stand-out experiment was tasting a simple jelly bean while pinching our noses, to demonstrate the crucial part that our sense of smell plays in how we taste things. When we couldn't breathe through our noses, we could only taste the sweetness of the jelly bean, but once we could, we tasted the actual flavour - lime. It was fascinating! A huge part of the pleasure of enjoying coffee is through the scent, which makes a lot of sense. We also tried some pairings with different types of chocolate, which brought out different notes from the coffee - I realise that if you're not a coffee fan, this all probably sounds like a bore, but I was on cloud nine!

Our second station was lead by the barista, who tried to teach us the fine skill of latte art. It is so much harder than it looks! Mine looked lovely, because he kind of ended up doing it for me, but I truly appreciate the experience and technique it takes to make those lattes look so beautiful - I don't think I'll be doing anything even remotely pretty any time soon!

Our third stop was chatting to another Nespresso representative about the brand, the emphasis they put on sustainability, and the quality of their coffee. As I mentioned, I was already a fan and a loyal customer of Nespresso before this event, but if I hadn't been, I would have been converted! They pay their farmers 25% above Fairtrade wages and they offer free collection of empty capsules for recycling, which I did not know about and now will definitely be taking advantage of. It was also interesting to see the rest of the group guess how much each capsule costs (they guessed between 60p-£1), when it in fact costs far less than people think (30p for the classic collection). 

Last but not least, we made two delicious coffee-based cocktails! Although I'm not a lover of cocktails that are too sweet or dessert-like, I could appreciate that they tasted good and others loved them. Just in case you like your rich, sweet boozy drinks, here are the recipes:

Kraken Coffee
50ml Kraken Rum
1 Dharkan Espresso pod
20ml gomme syrup
2tspn Peanut Butter
Chocolate Powder
Served in a martini glass

Vanilla Sky
50ml black label johnnie walker
50ml vanilla gomme
1 Dulsao do Brasil Espresso pod
100ml cream
Served in a cognac glass

I learnt so much with Currys and Nespresso, and I've been appreciating every cup of coffee I have at home with our Nespresso machine even more! If it's within our budget (the most basic machines are about £89), it would make an amazing Christmas present for someone special. 

Thanks to Joe Blogs for organising, and sending us all off on a caffeine high!