the happy list :: october 2015

all photos from my Instagram!


Read: The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson. Entertaining enough, nothing special. I swear this year is the year of mediocre reading for me... any suggestions?!

Watched: E persuaded me to give Narcos a go, and I've watched a few episodes and of course have been converted! Very intense, very good. I'm also obviously excited about the return of Homeland, and a few other favourites of mine (Scandal, The Good Wife).

Ate: Every single bite I ate in New York!! I can't wait to start sharing some of the highlights on WTW - we ate like kings. 

Purchased: Of course, I did a little damage in NYC, shopping-wise... I didn't go too crazy, but invested in a couple of special things and a few exciting-to-me purchases from the likes of Sephora and Victoria's Secret!

Clicked: - The Girl Next Shore by Honey. I love this girl and all that she writes about. My favourite posts of hers this month are the more personal ones - things she would tell her 21 year old self, and her thoughts, ideas and plans for her blog. She is fully deserving of the Best Photoblog nomination in the Philippines! As always, she's been feasting on some amazing food (where does it all go, Honey?) like delicious sushi, steak fitting for a birthday queen, classic French and of course, tapas (I am dying to go there!). Go give her some love!

               - SilverSpoon London by Angie. A little glamour never hurts anyone, and the luxury levels of Angie's blog reached an all time high with diamonds, champagne and caviar this month! Although this unique and gorgeous Bali hotel that she enjoyed is even better in my opinion. She's also been celebrating her husband's birthday in style, brunching at a Notting Hill gem that I'm also a fan of, and visiting an iconic Covent Garden establishment. You'll always leave hungry and full of wanderlust after reading SilverSpoon London!

Listened: So I've talked about the Gilmore Guys podcast before (also, you have no idea how excited I am for the new season of Gilmore Girls for Netflix!! This is not a drill!), and now I have a another podcast-about-tv obsession - The Best of Friends podcast. Two girls and a guy talking about all the episodes of Friends. I know, it sounds extremely geeky, somewhat boring and just a little nuts, but it's the perfect soundtrack to my running or just relaxing to it on the tube. If you're as big of a fan of Friends as I am, I'd definitely recommend it. 

Ran: 53.0km. I'm so happy that at the 10K race E and I did in New York, I managed a PR! It was a beautiful day, we got into the Halloween spirit (wow, are the Americans crazy about Halloween!) and it was such a fun experience. 

Blogged: Probably the post about our day trip to Lake Garda. Such a beautiful, beautiful place. 

Visited: New York City!! I can't wait to blog about our amazing week there, we had the most incredible time. I'm already dreaming of the day I can go back!

Thanks so much for reading!
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