sunday coffee date :: three.

Without a doubt, November (along with the last week of October when we were in NYC, of course) has been the very best month of the year. I've had a very inspiring and busy month work-wise, got a new job from January that I'm incredibly excited and happy about, another (non-related) project in the works, celebrated turning 28 with some of my favourite people, and to top it all off, my sister moved back to London after living abroad for 6 years! It'll definitely be hard to top this past month, but how can December not be magical? 

My number one current excitement is getting our first ever Christmas tree together! Since we've spent the last two Christmases in France, we never bothered getting one before, but this year we're spending it just the two of us so a tree really had to happen. I've already gone on a little decorations spree (I'm definitely a "themed" rather than random decorations person - what about you?), and I just can't wait for those twinkly lights and that beautiful, festive scent. We've also booked tickets to go ice skating at Somerset House on Christmas Eve, which will be almost nauseatingly romantic - I've been there a couple of times and loved it, but it's been a few years so I can't wait to go back.

The tragic events from the past few weeks have also been a bittersweet reminder of how very fortunate I am. To live in a place of relative peace, to be able to welcome another birthday, to have gone to a band concert just a week after the Paris attacks and been able to simply enjoy the music as we all should be able to do. Not much in life is fair, so as someone who is far luckier than I deserve, I want to always remember to let go, appreciate, give back. 

And what better time is there to do so, than the holiday season?