verona :: castel san pietro & trattoria al pompiere

And we're finally back to catching up on all things Italy!

In my opinion, a mark of a special city is one in which you can wander around aimlessly, and find beauty on every corner. Oh, and an abundance of great food and gelato gems don't hurt, either.

We definitely enjoyed our share of the quintessentially Italian pastime - sipping on espressos whilst people-watching. 

On this particular day, we decided to cross the river and visit the famous Castel San Pietro, from which the view is absolutely spectacular. The climb up is not particularly gruelling (and very picturesque every step of the way), and you're treated to a panoramic view of Verona for free - it's a must-do. 

Even before we reached the Castel though, the walk from the old town centre was gorgeous - we made endless stops along the way to take photos of every cobble-stoned street and charming shop signs, as well as the inevitable gelato break.

I chose the pistachio and peach flavours here - I really do have a weakness for pistachio gelato! And I'm ok with admitting that the lovely green colour has something to do with that. 

Going back to that view - just wow. We spent some time at the top just soaking it in, amongst other locals and visitors. We even overheard a trio of businessmen having some kind of meeting, talking shop one minute and then snapping photos of the view the next. That would be my kind of business meeting!

In the evening, we went to Trattoria Al Pompiere for dinner, and it was lucky we even got a table without a reservation. Having found it online with a little research, this restaurant was clearly popular and renowned, and as soon as we tasted the food, we knew exactly why. The setting is the kind I hope and expect of a classic trattoria, the staff are charming, and we loved everything we ate - prosciutto, bolognese with homemade pasta, and aubergine parmigiano. I'm still dreaming of that aubergine in particular - melt-in-your-mouth heaven.

If you're visiting Verona, I would highly recommend you book a table there - we managed to slip in just before peak time, but there was a queue by the time we left and most tables were reserved.

So much more of our trip to come!