lake garda :: sirmione

I am so excited to finally be writing about our day trip to Lake Garda from Verona! Although there will be minimal writing and mostly photos, because if there is anywhere that warrants a photo diary with hardly any captions needed, it's this place.

My sister and I made a rather haphazard and time-consuming journey to get to Sirmione, our Lake Garda destination of the day, thanks to the very relaxed Italian transport system... but we made it! And of course, first order of the trip was to fuel up, which we did at Ristorante La Sirena. Although we were initially sceptical (we had researched this place though, and it has great reviews) due to the tourist-trap-esque photos on the menu and questionable items such as schnitzels and burgers, we were definitely not disappointed with our Spaghetti Vongole. Being a restaurant that is part of a hotel, I think they have to include a few generic choices on the menu, so it was no indication of the quality of food there. After our bumpy ride to get there, we were relieved and happy to be fed so well!

We then set off to explore, walking alongside the stunning lake views towards the famous Scaliger Castle, from which you get a gorgeous panoramic view of the peninsula and beyond. I think the pictures speak for themselves (apologies for the overload, but this was already a minute selection from the ridiculous amount I took!).

After soaking up the scenery and sunshine from up above, we had a wander around Sirmione and its charming streets (although the quality of gelato didn't look good enough for us to try any - a little too artificial looking, which further emphasised how amazing Verona was for gelato, and food in general). It's definitely a little touristy, but it took away none of the enjoyment -  no wonder such a beautiful place is so popular.

On our way back to Verona, we took a ferry for one stop to a nearby town (I can't for the life of me remember the name), which meant we were treated to an incredible sunset over the water. I will never tire of seeing the sun dropping down into the horizon over still waters - it's quite magical.

We loved our day in Lake Garda, and I'm sure there is so much more of it to see, being the largest lake in Italy. From knowing how much we enjoyed our time in Lake Como last year, I think Italian lakes are something very special, and I feel so lucky to be able to travel and experience such adventures.