bordeaux :: culture, canelés & cathedrals

When we arrived in Bordeaux, it was drizzling and grey, mild but windy. Despite the dreary weather, I immediately fell in love. It's a strange thing, that chemistry you can feel with certain places - regardless of what ties you have (or don't have) with a city, town or even a building, some just sit right with you. I had this odd feeling with Bordeaux.

Our first full day in the city, we visited the Museum of Fine Arts (a beautiful gallery made up of two separate wings, the collection isn't particularly big but there are some wonderful Renoirs which were my favourite), walked around town scoping out the shops and seeing the cathedral. It has a typically French Bourgeois feel - I would say that it's kind of a bigger city version of Aix-en-Provence. Everywhere you look, the architecture is stunning and the shop windows are gorgeous. 

There is a Bordeaux original sweet pastry snack called canelé, which has a caramelised outside with a sort of baked custard with rum in the middle. So good and moreish, we had more than our fair share during out stay. 

It was a lovely first day of exploring - especially as we spent most of the latter part of the holiday spending time with the others in our (amazing) rented apartment. More Bordelais goodness to come!