a new year's eve feast

This year (or rather, last year) we hosted a little NYE party, with 6 of us eating and drinking and being very merry. It was ridiculously good fun, we played Cranium and Cards Against Humanity and laughed the whole night away. 

Of course, we also had wonderful food cooked by E - he made homemade taramasalata, foie gras terrine, with fig jam, herb crusted rack of lamb, garlic & shallot green beans, gratin dauphinois and salted caramel macarons. I know, I get exhausted just listing the menu. It was one of my favourite meals he's made, the lamb was cooked to perfection and it really was a fantastic dinner. C made her signature tiramisu which is the best one you'll ever taste, and we enjoyed champagne and wine (especially the Sauterne that went with the foie gras) and put ourselves in the best possible food comas. 

It is honestly one of my favourite things in life, just getting together with friends, sharing food and conversation, playing games and being silly. We finally wrapped it up around 5am, and it was the perfect opening to the new year - if evenings like these are on the cards for 2015, things are looking good.