smack lobster deli

I know that not everyone gets the hype around Burger & Lobster, but you know that I loved what I tried back in the summer. So when I found out that their more casual, sister deli restaurant was opening in London, it was bumped up to the top of my "to-go" list.

When my sister and I were deciding on a lunch spot last week, this was an obvious choice - quick, central (as in, right by the department stores and shopping spots we were aiming for!), and just a little decadent. Sold.

You order at the counter once you come in, the menu is on a huge black board with a few options for the lobster rolls and some choices of sides (next time I definitely want to try the chowder), and there is a drinks station with soft drink taps and free water. Easy.

Price wise, I think they are very reasonable, especially as they are quite generous with the lobster meat - the takeaway price is £7.50 which is seriously good. Sis and I shared the Happy Ending & California, with a side of courgette fries.

We really, really liked them! They were rich but not heavy, the brioche buns were amazing, and the subtle difference in flavour between the two rolls were a nice variation. The courgette fries shouldn't be missed either. 

Sorry about the slightly off-colour photos, there were bright orange lights above the counters that made it a little tricky! #bloggerproblems

If you're hesitant about tackling the Burger & Lobster queues, or looking for a more budget-friendly option to try their lobster rolls, I would highly recommend Smack Deli. Although the rolls at B & L are one step up due to their insanely delicious garlic butter, you really won't be disappointed with these ones. I will definitely be revisiting soon, and trying the Seven Samurai as everyone seems to rave about it!

We wandered off in search for a bite sized dessert after this, but more on that in a couple of days... apparently the pre-Christmas diet isn't really a thing around here.