macarons, liberty's & advent calendars

I've got another festive post for you today! 

After our lobster feast, my sister told me that I had to try a very special Pierre Hermé macaron that she had eaten the day before. If you read my Paris posts back in the spring, you'll know that E and I are big fans of Pierre Hermé - E even has his macaron cookbook, which he is still trying to master!

Anyway, she mentioned that they had a white truffle macaron that was amazing. Sounded a bit strange, but I'm always up for a challenge - especially if it's edible. So off we went to Selfridges, to that tempting corner of chocolate covered everything and beautiful looking delicacies.

Let me tell you, that white truffle macaron is worth a trip to Selfridges alone. They recommend that you don't put it in a bag or box with other flavoured macarons, just because the scent of it is so strong that it can flavour the other ones over time. We didn't have to worry about that, as we ate ours on the spot! It was as interesting and amazing as it sounded - I took one home to E and he was impressed too. Of course, I couldn't leave without a couple of other flavours (including the seasonal gingerbread one) and it was quite the treat.

We then headed to the almighty Liberty's. Their Christmas decorations are magical every year, and although a lot of things on sale are eye-wateringly expensive, it is a joy just to walk around and enjoy the displays. I feel like when I was younger, I didn't quite appreciate these things the same way I do now - especially somewhere like Liberty's, which seemed so grown-up and for "old" people. Well, I'm "old" now and I don't mind it too much!

Last but not least, I mentioned the other day that my sister had made me an advent calendar, and I wanted to share a couple of photos of how brilliant it is! She decorated every single box, sealed them with different washi tape, and filled each one with little things that she knows I would love. So far they have included a Yankee candle, chocolates, Benefit mini products, bath bomb, a hilarious mini book of Oscar Wilde quotes, earrings, lip balm and more... really thoughtful, lovely little gifts that have me seriously excited to get up and open in the mornings. It is such a wonderful idea for a present, and I do feel completely spoilt - it has definitely inspired me to make some in the future. I did make one for E back in the day, but it wasn't quite as good as this!

Hopefully it has given you some ideas for next year (too early?) as it is such a unique gift and the receiver knows and appreciates the thought that has gone into it. Thanks Kana, you're the best and definitely my favourite sister! (not being mean, she's my only one. but she's still my favourite for all intents and purposes.)