behind the scenes :: of a life/food blogger

I've been thinking for a while to start a little "behind the scenes" series - I have a bunch of ideas for future posts, but what better way to start it off than with the classic? I'm sure that for fellow bloggers, a lot of this will resonate with you (and make me feel like I'm in good company!) - it's just a fun little list of the common happenings of someone who likes to talk about stuff on the internet.

My camera is surgically attached to my hip.

It's a given, and kind of a necessity. The moment you realise you forgot your camera on your way to something/somewhere bloggable? It's that shock horror emoticon.

However good I think I am at spelling & grammar, I make mistakes and then someone calls me out on them.

You are all too polite to point them out so I've never got any such comments, but luckily my sister is my spelling & typo police. Many a time she has texted me pointing out my mistakes, which I've hastily corrected (or forgotten about...oops.). I don't mind it in the least, and it only proves that she is a very loyal reader!

I take time on the weekends and some evenings to write and schedule posts.

This explains the slight lapse in time of my blog content compared to "real life", as most posts are published about a week (on average) after the fact. Posting every other day takes a considerable amount of organisation and commitment, so you have to be on the ball! I try to schedule all posts for the week (or longer) on the weekend so that I don't have to worry about it during the week, but of course sometimes I fall behind and end up writing at 11pm for the next day's post!

My close friends and family get very used to my snap happy ways.

Or at least, they put up with it which is very understanding of them. Especially when it comes to eating together - the "no eating before Miho takes pictures" rule is something that happens almost naturally when I'm with my closest friends! I choose not to post any faces of my friends on WTW - they haven't banned me or anything, I just want to respect their privacy. E doesn't like having photos taken of himself, but he obliges to stay in my good books! He is a trooper with my food photos in restaurants - he's even got to the point of asking to be sat where there is most light for my benefit! He's a good egg.

I didn't tell anyone about my blog for about 6 months, and still kept quiet about it for a while longer.

I suppose I was worried that people would think it was silly, although that is a silly worry itself. Once the cat was out of the bag though, I felt more comfortable spreading the word and I should have known that my amazing friends would be more than supportive! I know that to some people, the idea of documenting their life (or snippets of it) is completely unappealing, but it comes naturally to me and I enjoy every minute of it.

There are issues, thoughts and musings that I would love to write about, but haven't quite plucked up the courage to, considering how public this platform is. 

I didn't set out to write a blog that gets too personal, but I for one love to read other bloggers' posts that dig a little deeper - maybe I will one day. It's just a scary thought that technically, anyone in the world could read what I write!

That's all for now, folks - there's more where those came from, but maybe some of you might share your "behind the scenes" confessions if you're a blogger too?