vienna :: tian bistro

A while ago, I saw Caroline's post about the Tian in Vienna, which looked like a pretty special vegetarian restaurant and deserving of its 1 Michelin star. I was very interested in trying it, but unfortunately they were closed on the day I could go. But their Tian Bistro, a more casual dining place that is also vegetarian, was open for business so my sister, my friend K and I went along to see what it was like.

I'm not sure if I've ever tried a vegetarian restaurant before - I probably have, but nowhere particularly memorable. So this intrigued me - it's certainly not somewhere E would be excited to go to, being a hardcore carnivore, so I was happy to be accompanied by willing companions!

Located in the Kunsthaus, the building and the interior are quirky, arty and quite original. Although it does attract a tourist-heavy crowd, it was quite peaceful and cosy, perfect for a Monday lunch.

We all chose the gratins - mine was a wholewheat pasta gratin with mountain cheese and vegan chorizo. The chorizo was surprisingly good - I think I would have known without being told that it wasn't meat, but it was a good alternative! The portions were ideal for lunch, especially as we had dessert in mind...

Behold, the prettiest little cake ever. Passionfruit cheesecake - it tasted as good as it looked. I definitely need to try making a passionfruit cheesecake of some kind at home, the combination just works. My sister's pumpkin seed cake was amazing too, and K enjoyed her apple strudel (such a good classic).

It was so nice to catch up with K, a friend from my years studying in Salzburg, and we had a great afternoon walking and shopping and chatting away.

I'm curious - have you been to any good vegetarian or vegan restaurants?