vienna :: pöschl schnitzels & city sights

Looking at these photos now, I'm reminded yet again of how beautiful Vienna is - it really is one of Europe's best treasures. Walking around the centre of town, surrounded by stylish shops and incredible buildings, it's really something special. 

The Stephansdom is looking amazing after a long while of being completely covered in scaffolding, and it was luckily great weather on my last day. 

For dinner, we went to Gasthaus Pöschl, a place so old school they don't even have their own website! Known for their Schnitzels, an Austrian classic, it was an appropriate last meal of my short trip. The schnitzels were the best I'd ever had - not at all greasy, perfectly fried to this gorgeous golden colour and accompanied by a potato salad that was surprisingly refreshing. Is it a sign that I was eating too much when potato salads become refreshing? Don't answer that.

We had such a nice evening with my sister's close friends S and J, and ended the night with a brisk walk to the station as they chatted about the upcoming Christmas market season. Although I don't miss Salzburg, I do miss the Christmas markets - huddling around with mulled wines and fresh, hot food from the stalls, it was one of the best things about my time in Austria.

Isn't this lovely? It's displayed in the walkway towards the underground station, and reads "In love in Vienna today", with an ever-increasing number of people who, presumably, are in love in the city. 

Well, I'm in love with Vienna and I'm just lucky my sister is the perfect excuse to visit such a great place. But of course, quality sister time was the highlight of the trip!