vienna :: pizza mari

I didn't expect to have such a great pizza experience so soon after that phenomenal one in Lake Como, but here's the proof. It happened at Pizza Mari

When I saw the instagram by my sister when she went to this place, I think I texted her and told her I had to go there - and my pizza-shaped dreams came true! We headed there for lunch with a lovely friend of hers, and were greeted by very friendly, smiley Italian boys.

My favourite kind of pizza is probably the bianca type - those without tomato sauce. Is that blasphemous? Not that I don't love a good classic, but there is something quite decadent about these tomato-less creations.

Mine was topped with Italian sausage, lots of cheese, garlic cream and lots of rucola. It was honestly perfect - I couldn't fault it. With thicker bases like these, I usually tend to leave most of the crust, but I just couldn't with this - it was too good! I practically licked the plate clean.

Even though I was already suffering from a food baby by this point, I had spotted a special on the blackboard on my way in that I could not get out of my mind - Pistachio Panna Cotta. I mean, how do you turn that down?! We decided to share that and a chocolate almond cake, which were both delicious. The panna cotta was something special though - I wish I could have taken some home to London with me!

Does it not look like the best suspicious lump of green ever?

Who knew there was such an Italian gem in Vienna? You may not think of it as a huge hub for foodies, but this city certainly has a whole lot more to offer than schnitzels (although they have good schnitzels, which I'll talk about later.)