vienna :: joseph genuss

My sister's foodie Instagram always makes me hungry, and also mentally making notes of all the places I need to visit on my next trip to Vienna. At the top of the list was Joseph Genuss, located right by the central Landstrasse station, which she frequents (and therefore posts delicious photos from).

As soon as I arrived, we headed straight there for lunch, and we managed to snag a table at the almost full café. The place prides itself in using organic, locally-sourced, high quality ingredients, which is something I avidly support. The decor inside is simple and comfortable, and there is a whole array of goodies including freshly baked bread, cakes, and other deli products to take away.

We chose to share their Club Sandwich (which was not your regular club sandwich - it was bacon-y, cheesy, crunchy and fresh), and the Antipasti platter to share. The bread on the platter was particularly delicious, chewy and flavourful and pretty perfect. 

With such temptation on display, we couldn't deny dessert! Our swirled cheesecake with a poppyseed biscuit base was seriously good - I think poppyseeds are a great addition to these kinds of cakes.

On my way to the airport back home, I stopped by especially to pick up one of their almond croissants which my sister insisted I should try, and she was absolutely right - it was amazing.

And that's coming from someone who doesn't normally choose almond croissants.

She's also given us a pot of honeyed walnuts in a cute little jar from here as a gift before, which I would also highly recommend!

I would definitely visit Joseph Genuss again on my future visits to Vienna, and you should too! There is something there for everyone.

And do me a favour, try the almond croissant. You can thank me later.