vienna :: corn n' pops

This was another place on my wishlist after seeing my sister post this amazing sweet potato cinnamon roll on her Instagram. Holy yum.

Here's what happens when you have two sisters who prioritise food over most things in life: alarm goes off, we roll out of bed, throw on the first clothes in sight, bundle up and march over first thing to Corn n' Pops to grab ourselves those rolls.

Except they didn't have any that day! No matter, I knew they might not have them, so I chose something else instead. But not before eyeing up pretty much everything in the cafe/store, which is a healthy, American-inspired place that has a muesli bar, a plethora of healthier baked goods, as well as cooked dishes like pancakes and waffles to eat in. They also have Yankee Candles and other little trinkets on sale too.

I picked up the macademia scone, while my sister chose the lemon cake - both were delicious, and had that healthy taste without being too over the top, if you know what I mean. 

I actually don't think I've ever tried baking scones, but I want to - especially a healthier version like this one. Any recipes to throw my way?