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Family history is something I've always been interested in, but not curious enough to go out of my way to learn about my own - it could be leftover denial from my childhood years, when I thought I could be a long lost princess of some exotic foreign land.

No one else did that? 

(I hope my sister doesn't kill me for posting these photos. To be fair though, she looks seriously cute.)

But apparently these days, you can look it all up on something called the internet?! And for this weekend only, to celebrate Remembrance Weekend, Find My Past is offering unpaid, unlimited access to their huge archive of family histories, newspapers, articles, military records, passenger seats - basically an endless treasure trove.

I was really quite excited about this campaign when I heard about it, and have already (possibly slightly creepily) searched some names on the website to have a snoop around.

I can already think of one friend who would be interested in this kind of thing (I'm looking at you, ex-roommate E.R.!), and I for one will be playing around on the site with a cup of tea in hand, searching for the people to blame who didn't bless me with all those genius genes I'm missing. You can research famous figures that you are curious about, despicable enemies whose ancestors you can sniff out and make fun of, or if you're lucky enough to live close by to a grandparent or two, you could sit down together and have fun with it.

Be quick about it though, as the free unlimited access ends at midnight on Monday 10th November. Have a look at their website and Facebook page for more details.

What do you think? Any chance we are descendants of an ancient Japanese Empress? 

More importantly, do you have any fun facts about your family history that you can share?

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Find My Past. All opinions are my own.