Want to kick off the weekend with this truffle macaroni & cheese?

Of course you do.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves - first, let me introduce you Goat. It's like a dressed up gastropub, right at home in the heart of Chelsea. It's a little out of the way from any nearby tube stations, but it also means that the surrounding area is quiet and cosy.

The inside is lovely - nothing too over the top, but classy, comfortable and the staff are great. They have a proper wood-fired oven with logs of wood lining the walls, and I thought the ribbon of cucumber in our water was a nice touch. 

I probably didn't read the menu all that thoroughly, as I had only one thing on my mind that day - a big fat burger. E was on the same page, but also couldn't resist ordering the truffle mac & cheese when he saw it. I didn't exactly fight it.

While we waited for our food, we chatted about nonsense and had a black & white photoshoot. Don't judge.

Enough about us, on to the food.

We were actually pretty impressed with it all. My burger was a tad more on the side of medium than rare (I always order medium rare for burgers), but it wasn't at all dry and the flavour was spot on. The macaroni was very good too, not the best we'd had but nothing to complain about either. The fries were great and were sprinkled with a bit of paprika, which I thought was a delicious idea - it completely took me back to my teenage years when I used to gobble up paprika Pringles by the handful.

As for dessert - yes, we had room ok? - our waitress told us the cheesecake was hands down her favourite, so we went with it. It didn't disappoint, which is good, as bad cheesecake can be a little bit heartbreaking. Not quite up there with the one at La Petite Maison or at Cecconi's, but not too far either.

All in all, we were left very content, and enjoyed the atmosphere and vibe of Goat. If you live in the neighbourhood, you get 50% off on Wednesdays with a proof of address - shame we don't live in SWanything, but even without the discount I'd be happy to go again!

Do you have a favourite London gastropub? Or close to where you live?

Disclaimer: I was very kindly given a gift voucher from  Zomato that covered the expenses for this delicious meal. All opinions are my own.