dishoom @ king's cross

Not so long ago, I talked about the delicious brunch we enjoyed at Dishoom in Covent Garden, and I mentioned that we definitely wanted to check out their lunch/dinner menu. Well, when word spread that they were opening a new branch near King's Cross, and that they were having a soft launch period with 50% off food & drink, I was all ears. And stomach. 

In case you're so excited you can't even get through the entire post, the soft launch is until the 19th November - hence why I wanted to publish this post ASAP! 

But let's rewind. This past Sunday I had some work to do in East London early afternoon, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for E and I to make a pitstop at King's Cross afterwards - we got there around 5pm, but as you can't reserve tables during the soft launch period, it was a good time to go to avoid queues. This place is huge though, so it would have to be heaving to have long lines!

A converted Victorian warehouse, we both loved the setting, ambience and the music they were playing - the toilets are quite different and everything just feels old-fashioned & modern at the same time. I know, I make no sense.

Now, as they have literally just opened, the service and general running of the place have a few kinks to iron out - but they more than made it up for us. More on that later.

E started with a mango & fennel lassi which he loved, and I chose a Chajito, which was a twist on the classic Mojito and seriously good.

We went all out on the food - we had a bowl of Pau Bhaji (smashed vegetables) that comes with the most delectable buttered buns, the Murgh Malai (marinated and grilled chicken thigh) and Masala Prawns which were both amazing, and the House Black Daal which was so rich in flavour and perfectly spicy. Their Cheese Naan & Garlic Naan are both delicious - I am running out of adjectives to describe the food!

About the service - it was fairly slow. We got served the Pau Bhaji and Cheese Naan very quickly, and then had a long wait for the rest of the food, which we did have to ask after and there was some mix up in the kitchen. We weren't particularly in a rush so it didn't matter that much, but the couple next to us had to leave without having the dessert they ordered as it took too long.

But as I said, they did their best to make it up to us - we were surprised with two cocktails on the house (both were amazing!), as well as being treated to dessert (Cinnamon Ice Cream, which was good but nothing special), so I say we got a good deal! In any case, the soft launch discount obviously reflects the fact that all the staff are still learning the ropes, so we didn't mind very much.

If you're remotely interested in trying Dishoom and could do with a bonus 50% off the bill, head to their new branch now. I'm telling you, the food is fantastic and it's a great opportunity to try them if you haven't already, or go if you're already a fan.

You can see the menu and more information on Zomato