a healthy twist on brunch

Usually, brunch = decadent. And this brunch certainly was decadent, but it also filled us up with food that is actually good for us (mostly). Who can pull off such magic? C, the friend I can discuss chia seeds and kale and almond milk with until the cows come home (ironic). 

She prepared an impressive spread for us the other day - one that even E had to admit to enjoying, despite being adamantly against seeing anything healthy on the table when it comes to brunch (point proven). Clear winners for me were the pancakes, which didn't taste even remotely healthy but were, her homemade bread, and the kale salad. 

Here are the recipes she used:
Marinated Kale Salad from Deliciously Ella
Almond Quinoa Pumpkin Bread from Deliciously Ella
Vegan & Gluten Free Pancakes from Oh She Glows

I for one am going to try out each one of these recipes! Of course, we had to tone down the virtuous menu just a little bit, with some good old Nutella, and brioche for the boys. I also tried coconut yogurt for the first time and really liked it! It's all about balance.

With all the eating out I've been doing lately, I was definitely glad to have been able to get some homemade goodness in there somewhere, so thank you to C & J for having us over! I definitely want to get together with my girlfriends for a healthy-but-delicious brunch like this again, because what's better than eating great food and still knowing it's making our skin and hair look good?