vienna :: naschmarkt & neni

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I went away for a few days to Vienna (through my inevitably food-centric photos). I was over there visiting my sister who currently lives there, and it was a short but very sweet trip!

As I have been there a few times now, I didn't do much sightseeing - if I had had more time, I would have revisited the Belvedere museum and the Stadtpark for sure, but my few days there were mainly for catching up with my sister and a few lovely friends. And of course, what better way to chitchat and have a laugh than over good food?

I'll be writing about a few restaurants and cafΓ©s that I went to this time round, but before I get to that - today is all about Naschmarkt.

It's a well-known market that boasts over 100 stalls, selling everything from fruit to cheese to wine to deli goods. It's always buzzing, the smells wafting around make your mouth water and you get encouraged to try bites of whatever is on offer.

It's also a hub for a variety of restaurants offering different cuisines, including a favourite of ours, Neni. It's a go-to place for my sister and her friends, and I've been there a few times and it never disappoints. Israeli dishes, served up fresh and flavourful. We sat outside as it was completely packed, but under the strong heaters we were just about warm enough - it was worth it! (Even if it meant that our photos turned out a little red.)

No visit to Vienna is complete without a visit to Naschmarkt in my opinion, and if you go at this time of year, grab yourself a bottle or two of StΓΌrm - a common seasonal drink in Austria and parts of Germany and Switzerland, it's wine in the early stages of fermentation. I think it tastes the closest to cider out of any other alcoholic drink I can think of, as it's almost fizzy, with a touch of sweetness and very refreshing. Sis and I took a bottle home and enjoyed it with some Modern Family, a winning combination if you ask me!

More to come on the highlights of my trip, but in the meantime - have you been to Vienna? Or any part of Austria?