murder mystery dinner party

When we were in France for Christmas last year, we had a Murder Mystery dinner with friends that was a huge amount of fun. Knowing we loved it, the two friends who came up with the idea gave us a proper box set of a MM game for our Christmas present!

We finally found a good time to gather 6 unsuspecting friends back in London recently to host our own MM party. If you don't know what it's all about, it's basically a game where the guests are given roles to play prior to the party, are given suggestions for costumes, and over the course of the dinner you "act out" (= reading out the given script/prompts) the story and you all guess who the murderer is at the end. A bit hard to explain, but it's not complicated!

E and I were determined to recreate the dinner/meal combo we enjoyed in france, which was Raclette - a meal where you melt raclette cheese on spatulas and top potatoes and meat with the melted goodness. After much deliberation, we settled on this raclette machine with a stone slab top for grilling meat and vegetables on, and we're pretty pleased with it!

Everyone put in such an effort for their costumes, I wish I could show you - but I'm not sure that they'd appreciate being introduced on the blog dressed as fat peasants/rich German guys/cuckoo vintage hippies! It was so great that we all got into the spirit.

Although it may not be the most intellectual/creative of games, it's a quirky and different thing to do with friends for a night of silly fun and much laughter. I had to practise a Scottish accent for my part, and I kind of miss it...

If you want to host your own or give it as a gift to a friend who might enjoy it, there's a selection available on Amazon, but you can alternatively also find downloads on the internet that are just as good.

Have you ever been to a MM party? Any other off-the-beaten-path dinner party ideas?