dim sum sunday

When I was in my teens, my family and I used to frequent Royal China in Putney for dim sum every so often. It was usually for Sunday lunches, which is how I came to associate it with that relaxed, Sunday vibe with friends and family.

Not to be mistaken with the Putney Royal China as they are completely unrelated, our favourite for no fuss, affordable and delicious dim sum is the Royal China in Bayswater. I have reviewed it before, but I couldn't not talk about it again - if only to persuade you to go if you haven't been before!

Be prepared to queue if you go on the weekend (you grab a ticket when you arrive, and you can go for a walk and come back when it's closer to your time), but do go hungry - you can have a proper feast for a very reasonable price.

Anyway, I've harped on about this place before so let's move on. To the food photos, obviously.

As it was quite a lovely day, we went for a walk in Kensington Gardens next door, where we met a very friendly squirrel who apparently wanted to play with us.

Pest or not, he was a cutie!

Now let's return to talking about dim sum - I'd love to try out some other, possibly hidden gems for it in London. We love Yauatcha (their lunch menu is a bargain) for the occasional treat, and Hakkasan is good too but I haven't been in a while. I've also tried a couple in China Town that were decent too, but again it's been a while.

Let me in on your dim sum secret? Where's your favourite? And if you don't eat out in London or don't like dim sum, what's your favourite Sunday lunch?