anselm kiefer exhibition @ the RA

If you're a Londoner or are visiting London, this is an exhibition you must not miss. Held at the Royal Academy of Art, this Anselm Kiefer exhibition is presents one of the most interesting living artists of today. I didn't know too much about him before I went, but having read about it and heard rave reviews, I knew it was something that would be worth going to.

There is something very special about an exhibition that has been curated and designed by the artist himself. He uses the spaces and walls to be fully integrated with his works, and also has an installation out on the front courtyard.

I obviously could not take any photos of the exhibition itself, but I'd rather not spoil it for you anyway.

He is a German artist born right after WW2, and through his work he challenges the story of the Holocaust and to reclaim music, architecture and literature that were never quite released from the grip of the Nazis. Controversial at the time and even today, the powerful messages and musings through his paintings, sketches and sculptures are emotionally and philosophically engulfing.

Nothing I write will actually do justice to this, so I suggest you just go, and definitely get the audio guide. It's wonderfully done with the artist himself speaking about some of the works, video clips and clear explanations.

As always, I took away a couple of postcards with me.

On our way to the station, we discovered Minamoto Kitchoan, a little shop full of sweet Japanese delicacies, including my beloved Baumkuchen (I know it's originally German, but they do them perfectly in Japan!). They even had a green tea version that I just could not go home without - E was pretty excited about it too.

It was a very fulfilling, inspiring and delicious day. Can't ask for much more!