wtw gets a facelift & other features

A proper post will be up on Sunday, but I just wanted to introduce the new & improved Wander to Wonder!

I enjoyed the previous design and it fit the bill for my first year of blogging, but I felt like it was time for a change. I wanted the site to be a little more user-friendly, add some (hopefully) helpful features, and generally freshen things up a little bit.

A quick guide to the additions at the top of the page: Advertise/PR: I have cut down on the commercial ads on the site (some may take a while to disappear on various browsers), and instead have opened up an option to advertise your blog or small business on my sidebar. You can have a look here if it's something that interests you. I would only ever host ads for blogs, sites and companies that I feel is a good fit for WTW, and hope to help promote those to the best of my ability.

Restaurants: I've compiled all my restaurant reviews on one page, divided into categories and cuisines. I was hesitant to add price brackets to each as it depends largely on the kind meal you have, but if that would be helpful I could try and add that too.

London: For fellow Londoners looking for ideas on things to do and see, or visitors wanting tips on places to go,  it's a page you can find my own personal discoveries and adventures around the city.

Cook: This is not a recipe site, but if you're in search of simple ideas to try in the kitchen, or just want to work up an appetite browsing through the delicious things E cooks up, you can head over to the Cook page and take a look around.

Last but not least, I have (slightly begrudgingly) made a Facebook page for WTW. It's looking a little naked right now as I have literally just set it up, but if you would like to, you can hit the good old Like button to get updates of my posts on your newsfeed. I created it, not because I need yet another social media thingy to take care of, but because I know it's a way some people prefer to keep updated with blogs and websites. So if you fancy it, give it a thumbs up and say hello!

That's all for now - if you have any suggestions or feedback, helpful tips or anything you think I could tweak, let me know and I will gladly take it on board. Thanks for sticking by me and hope you enjoy the new look!