the happy list :: august 2014

all photos from my Instagram!

ReadThe Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair by Joël Dicker. E read this in French when it was first published, and told me I had to read it as soon as the English translation came out. I really enjoyed this and knew why he loved it too - it's kind of a mystery crime story, but that's really not the centrepiece of the book, just the plot. If that makes sense! I highly recommend it.

Watched: The Honourable Woman. It's a BBC2 9 episode series with the Israel/Palestine conflict as the subject, although it's a lot more complex than that. It's not an easy watch, but well worth it.

Ate: the best pizza in the world in Tremezzo, Lake Como. More on this in a coming blog post!

Clicked: the blog of lovely Tamsin, A Certain Adventure. Her trip to Turkey have had me itching to explore the world, her photos are gorgeous and I am just a big fan of her fresh and genuine way of documenting snapshots of her life. Find her on her blogtwitter and instagram

Listened: Ed Sheeran X. Some of the songs I don't like at all, but there is something addictive about the good tracks on there (including Thinking Out Loud, Photograph, Bloodstream, Afire Love, Tenerife Sea and Shirtsleeves).

Wore: the comfiest pair of what Next call "relaxed skinny jeans" from their Petite section. They are basically boyfriend jeans that don't swap the smaller ladies. I don't think they're the most flattering of clothes, but they feel like PJs! Unfortunately I got them a while ago and they are no longer up online, but Next have a really good selection of Petite jeans in general. 

Visited: Lake Como in Italy. More posts to come!

Ran: 68.2km. More importantly, I ran my first ever 10K race! I was so pleased with my time, considering there were some really tough patches on the course (uphill on grass, anyone?) and only hoped to get under an hour - I ran it in 57.23. My friend E ran hers in 48.59 which is insane.

Maybe we'll make racing together an annual thing!

Cooked: soba noodle salad (apologies for the photo quality - I think I have improved a little bit since that post!) for easy, quick and healthy lunches.

Celebrated: our one year wedding anniversary. What a happy day it was. 

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