tacutacu popup

The word "popup" has become attached to every other trendy eatery in London it seems - they're everywhere! The most recent one I've tried out being Tacutacu, a Latin American inspired menu being served at Casa Blue Bar on Brick Lane until 16th September.

My friend E (not to be confused with husband E) and I popped in during their second week of opening, when the full menu was introduced. The bar itself is comfortable and spacious, although in our opinion the cocktails left a lot to be desired - at 8.50 a pop, you expect decent quality. Mine was ok though mostly tasted of lemonade (although the child in me liked the unappetising blue of the drink), but E's was like pineapple juice with a weird something added to it. She very politely declined the drink and ordered wine instead, and they came back with a new glass of the cocktail she ordered which was a nice touch and appreciated - it was definitely better the second time round.

In any case, the bar has nothing much to do with Tacutacu, the food we went for. The menu is very casual and nothing extensive, very much street food-style. We first tried the shrimp burger and the fish tacos, with a side of fries.

I liked the inside of the shrimp burger, but the bun was a bit dry and tasteless. It's funny, I never think too much about the bun of a burger but it's one of those things you notice if it lacks a little something.

The tacos was good - I'm a fan of fish tacos generally so I've tried a few in different places, and this was one of the better ones I've had.

Although the prices of each dish are reasonable, there's no way one portion of tacos is going to fill you up! We ended up ordering the beef tacos as well, which I completely forgot to take a photo of as we were too busy and chatting away - but that was possibly our favourite of the lot, although I personally think the fish one was just as good.

Now for the best bit -

mojito cheesecake.

It sounds a bit weird, but it actually really works! There was a definite lime and minty flavour there, the top was light and fluffy, the cookie base crumbly and buttery.

If you make it to Tacutacu, I would advise you to skip the burgers and go straight for the tacos. And obviously leave room for dessert!

You can find more information on Zomato.

disclaimer: we were given a complimentary meal for an honest review. all opinions are my own.