noodles & mahjong night

The other night, we went over to C & J's for an accidentally Chinese-themed evening (J is Chinese, as I've probably mentioned before - do you remember the feast he cooked for us?). 

As soon as C said the word "noodles" I was in - I can't live without those carb-y strands of goodness! (It's impossible to describe noodles eloquently.)

She made Tantanmen, a spicy broth that's sesame oil, soy milk, stock and often peanut based (though not in this version). She used this recipe from the same kooky but actually good cooking channel that I used for the steamed pork buns

How good do they look?! It was absolutely delicious. I'm definitely going to try making it myself - perfect for the upcoming colder months.

Of course, being the lovely hosts they are, they didn't let the meal finish without dessert... chocolate cake with matcha green tea ice cream & berries.  Look at this presentation - I mean, C's just showing off now isn't she? She's just making an extra effort for my blog (not really, she always makes her food look beautiful!). 

And then we got our game faces on! It was my first time playing Mahjong, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Meaning I had no beginner's luck whatsoever and lost big time. It's a very fun game though, proven as such by our inability to stop playing until 3am... I don't know how it happens, but time just seems to disappear when we're with these two.

I plan to play it again and get my revenge - I'm an extremely sore loser. Maybe we're just ageing, but game nights are way better than going out clubbing in my opinion!