apéro night & nibnibs giveaway

We try to be fairly healthy eaters. We do (evidently) love to eat out and enjoy the gourmet side of life, and therefore have to balance it out with a mostly healthy diet in between.

Except when we have nights like this. Nights of wine, cheese, meat, more cheese, and carbs. And that's ok! 

It wasn't quite the pretty, varied apéro spread like last time - actually, it was a super lazy meal, to put it bluntly. Nevertheless we didn't compromise on taste, and I'd like it to be known that there was a bowlful of mini tomatoes as our vegetable count that is not pictured. Because that obviously negates all the other gluttonous stuff.

Including garlic & herb infused baked camembert. Enough said.

Accompanying this meal, we got to try out a new-to-us snack that was sent over for us to review. From the people of Nibnibs who produce local and artisan goods in Yorkshire, these snack pots included bitesize cheese straws of different flavours and a pot of jumbo salt & pepper peanuts.

We cracked open the one with a bit of chilli flavour - I thought the spiciness was a great little kick, and they distinctly lack that chemical flavour you so often get in similar products.

Since then, we have actually devoured the whole selection! E's favourite was the pure cheese one, and I think mine was the cheeky onion. I tend to be attracted to foods that make my breath smell bad - what can I say? I think they make a nice variation from the typical crisps and crackers you might put out for guests, not that ours lasted long enough for guests to come...

If you would like to try these out for yourself, you can enter the giveaway below. Just follow the instructions, and good luck! 

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