hamburg :: süllberg & the city

After my few days in Berlin, I took the train to Hamburg where one of my best friends is staying with her parents, recovering from a foot operation. Even though she couldn't walk very much or be too mobile, she still managed to show me around a little bit of the city which was very brave of her - thank you C!

I'd never been to Hamburg, but I now know that it's a beautiful and airy city with a touch of glamour - gosh, you should see some of the houses there. Each one looked closer to my dream house than the next! The view from the Süllberg Terrace is stunning, we drove around the banks of Lake Alster which is beautiful, and there is so much green everywhere.

We had lunch in the city centre by the canal, a very nice Syrian restaurant where the fish was cooked perfectly, and of course followed up by ice cream - the weather was perfectly sunny and hot which is apparently rare for Hamburg?

Not pictured are the best memories from the short trip - sitting outside in her parents' garden having Teppanyaki for dinner (C's mum is Japanese!), chatting with them and C about all things wedding for C's 2016 nuptials, being a wine drinking buddy to her dad and him topping me up sneakily when I went to the bathroom, scouring online for her potential wedding dress and having delicious spaghetti vongole (my favourite) in a local Italian restaurant.

I'm not glad that C's had to have a painful operation, but I am very glad that I got to visit her and her hometown - fingers crossed her foot heals quickly!