berlin :: tiergarten, ishin, 1900 café

A compilation of places we popped into whilst out and about in Berlin...

Tiergarten - attached to the Zoo, it's a large and beautiful park that we barely made a dent in. We spotted some ostriches, llamas and flamingos on our way in and out of the park! We also came across a pretty little outdoor space with fairy lights and dining areas, where we sat to have an aperol spritz (a drink that takes me back to my days in Salzburg) and chat away.

Ishin - it's a well known fact that Berlin is the land of kebabs, but did you know that it also has lots of sushi places? S and I, both being avid sushi eaters, had to revisit Ishin, somewhere we'd both been on a previous trip to the city. It's a canteen type restaurant, very casual, but with great quality sushi at bargain prices - especially if you go during happy hour.

1900 café - one of the friends I was with used to live in Berlin, and she took us to this quaint little café that serves lovely breakfasts (and other dishes, I'm sure). Our huge bowls of greek yogurt, fresh fruit and granola were just what we needed to fuel ourselves for getting ready for the day, and the café sells the art they display inside which is a nice touch.