berlin :: markthalle neun street food thursday

Berlin is a city I've been to a few times, as it's a place a few of my friends were and are living in. The thing with visiting friends in a different country/city (in my case anyway) is that you rarely see each other so you spend most of the time chattering away, eating and drinking and being merry, and not necessarily sight-seeing or doing the cultural rounds.

This recent trip was slightly different - two of my girlfriends and I went to Berlin for a wedding, but we had free days before and after - and although we didn't visit what most would consider the main landmarks of the city (some of which we'd ticked off before), we did manage to do a good bit of exploring thanks to spot-on recommendations by Alix of this beautiful blog. She came to my rescue when I was on the lookout for some off-the-beaten-path suggestions, and I am eternally grateful!

One of which was the Markthalle Neun indoor street food market that they put on every Thursday evening. Needless to say, this sounded like something I'd love, and my friend S too whose birthday it was that day! Perfect.

We made it there around 8:30pm, and it was absolutely packed with people. Clearly it was a popular thing.The crowd was buzzing, the stalls were endless and it was hot and sticky but we made it to our goal!

Food. Really good food.

First up, fried pork dumplings. Not just any old dumplings - they had some kind of sauce/juice inside that took them onto a whole other level.

Followed by insanely delicious bao buns, with pork belly and all the fix-ins. I know, clearly I have a problem when it comes to those fluffy white things, but they are ridiculously popular for a reason. And this one - dare I say it's the best one I've had?

We had a glass of wine, raved about how good everything was, and had gelato for dessert - chocolate for S, black sesame for me. Delicious end to a delicious evening.

If you live in Berlin and you've never been, you absolutely should. If you're visiting Berlin and like this kind of thing, put it on your list! You can thank me (or rather, Alix) later.