berlin :: botanischer garten

Another tip from Alix was to see the beautiful Botanischer Garten, a botanical garden that boasts over 22,000 different types of plants over 43 hectares of land.

It was a scorcher of a day, but with intermittent shade we made our way through nearly the entirety of the garden, and it was such a gorgeous walk.

The bridge in the greenery at the beginning reminded me of a Monet painting, and the sheer colour of the flowers we saw were astounding. Nature is quite something.

We couldn't quite survive the heat inside the greenhouses although we did have a quick look in a couple, but the shady areas of the forest-y paths were so peaceful and picturesque. Everything looks so expertly tended to and yet not man-made or too groomed, which I don't particularly enjoy.

It was the nicest way to relax during the afternoon, and as a bonus, we found a delicious gelateria on the way there from the station - highly recommended!