street eat @ carnaby street

If you know me even a little bit by now through WTW, you'll know I have a weakness for street food fests. There's so many popping up all over London these days that it's hard to keep track, but one held in Carnaby Street is hard to miss.

There were stalls from various restaurants and cafes in the Carnaby Street/Kingly Court area, which meant one thing to me: make a beeline for those pillowy, pork belly-filled Hirata buns from Shoryu. The rest could wait.

E grabbed a spicy pork belly burger from the Korean street food stand Busan BBQ which was pretty delicious. We also tried to queue for some wings from Randy's Wing Bar, but the queueing was all over the place so we gave up and headed elsewhere for a little dessert.

It was buzzing with people, almost a little too much in such a narrow area - but there were amazing smells coming from all directions and if we had had a little more patience, we may have done a little more queueing. We had a nice little afternoon nonetheless and I like the idea a lot - I know I didn't exactly venture out and try a stall from a restaurant I hadn't been to before, but it was nice to see what was on offer and I put a couple of places on my to-go list as a result.

Just wait 'til you see what we had for dessert that day though....