said chocolate

My sister tipped me off to this place, Said. Seemingly a kind of chocolate heaven, we headed there after our little jaunt in Carnaby Street for an indulgent dessert.

The shop/cafe itself is small, lined with delicious looking truffles and cakes and other things that make you dizzy with sugary desire.

I actually went there for a specific item - their salted caramel chocolate tart. Unfortunately, it wasn't available that day - a bit of a bummer, but having marched there with salted caramel chocolate-y goodness in mind, I couldn't leave empty handed.

So we decided to go for the decadent looking chocolate cake they had on display, and sat down to tackle it on one of their al fresco tables.

That cake was flippin' fantastic. Not too sweet (major pet peeve for me, when a cake just tastes like sugar), the icing light and mousse-y, incredibly chocolatey and just delightful.

I shall be back to take revenge on the absence of the caramel tart, but so far, so good.