charlie & the chocolate factory: the musical

When the idea came up to go and see the musical of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory as part of a hen party recently, I was up for giving it a go but didn't really know what to expect. I'm not sure why I was so sceptical of it, since I love both movies based on this favourite classic, but I suppose it's the typical protective feeling you have of a childhood story you grew up with. I actually learnt to read and understand English reading Roald Dahl books, so they definitely hold a very special place in my bookworm-y heart.

Anyway, I wasn't even planning to talk about it on the blog, but it would be a crime not to since a) this blog is supposed to talk about interesting places to go and see in London, which is something this surely is, and b) because it was SO GOOD! That's right, the caps are coming out.

The set was creative but not too overwhelming, the kids were fantastic, the songs were funny and the whole story just flowed beautifully. After all these years, it reminded me of the simple sweetness that lies within so many of RD's books, and it really is a show for all ages.

We were sat very high up on the balcony, and although we were definitely far from the stage and occasionally had trouble seeing an actor or two at the front of the stage, it was good for the price bracket and I didn't feel I missed too much at all.

I'm a huge fan of musicals anyway, but usually favour the all-American typical broadway stuff (The Producers, Showboat, Anything Goes, etc.). This was something different and well worth seeing - if you have family or friends visiting London this summer, this could be a good activity as it would accommodate the young ones too.

The theatre scene in London is really something special, and I'm so glad I discovered another gem!