when mac met cheese

Let me just warn you now, if you like the look of this place you need to get there ASAP - the pop up's last day is this Friday 4th!

The pop up in question is When Mac Met Cheese, a place I think I discovered on twitter. I knew from months ago that they had set up a temporary home in Bayswater and had been meaning to go ever since, but it was only last weekend that we finally made it there.

They have a short and sweet menu, from which we chose the Mum's Classic and the Cheesy Green Afro. The weekly special sounded slightly strange (it was barbecue sauce flavoured?) so we skipped that, but they change it up every week (they had a lobster one the other week which we missed out on!).

We did also have a cheeky lychee martini, because lychee martinis have magical happiness-inducing ingredients. I'm sure of it.

They come in take away boxes (handy if you have leftovers, which we definitely did not), and as for the taste? It's down to earth, classic, and pure comfort food. What won me over was the pasta - it wasn't overcooked and mushy to the point of being baby food (often can happen with mac & cheese), and everything taste fresh and very much "just made". My favourite was the broccoli and stilton one - the cheese wasn't too strong and the broccoli wasn't overcooked which was a bonus (I have a thing about overcooked food, can you tell?).

Although we weren't entirely sold on the idea of the fried oreos, we had to give them a try just for the novelty factor!

They were... interesting. Actually, they were very simple - oreos, fried! It was an experience but I think I prefer them in its original form.

Overall, it's a great concept for a pop up and I'm sure if they find a permanent home in London, it would be a popular spot for a relaxed weekend lunch or a quick stop on the way home from work with a friend or two. Until then, they only have a few days left so scoot yourself over there quick!