the rum kitchen

For a wednesday evening date with the girls, we headed to The Rum Kitchen for some happy hour drinks and a catch up chat.

Cocktails can set you back a lot of money in London (and I typically don't love sweet drinks anyway, so prefer not to splurge on them very often), so 5 pounds per cocktail is a deal we could get on board with. Especially as the selection was pretty good - my favourite was the refreshing daiquiri that tasted more like a margarita, and the apple vanilla one that my friends was quite delicious.

As we were in the Kingly Court on Carnaby Street branch, we were tempted by the idea of moving ourselves down to Shoryu for ramen (friends who love ramen together stay together), but since we had stocked up on drinks, we decided to stay for food.

I had fried chicken thighs, S had a fried chicken burger and E had a rainbow salad with grilled chicken - lotsa chicken. We also shared some sweet potato fries. They have a caribbean themed menu, and while the idea was nice and sounded flavourful, I thought the food was pretty average. Not bad by any means - I enjoyed my meal - but it wasn't anything to write home (= rave on the blog) about. 

I always find that I'm less fussed about the food I'm eating when I'm too busy chatting away with my friends anyway!

The negative thing about this place was that we were literally shooed off our table once our 2 hour slot was over. 2 hours allocation for drinks and dinner isn't very long in my opinion, so I wouldn't recommend going there for a long, relaxing supper... but it's located in the lovely little Kingly Court and I wouldn't hesitate to go there for happy hour drinks again.

Do you have any recommendations for good happy hour places in London that we could try out next time?