paris: montmartre & sacre coeur

These are my last, but also my favourite, photos from Paris.

After getting a bunch of great recommendations, we tried to fit in as much as we could. One of the things that I wanted to do was to go up the Montpanasse tower to see that panoramic view from the top. We actually went all the way there, and then discovered that it would cost us 30 euros (I probably should have done my research...). Now, I'm sure that the view is phenomenal and people who've been up there would say it's worth every cent, but quite frankly I would have rather saved that money for a nice dinner or a bit of shopping!

I was quite disgruntled, but E suggested that we go to Montmartre for the evening as it's a beautiful area that I'd never been to before. Best decision of the trip - it was absolutely stunning.

He didn't even tell me that we would get that view I was hoping for (probably not quite as magical as the one from Montpanasse, but still wonderful and free!) - looking out onto the city from the top of the hill by the Sacre-Coeur, it was quite a sight.

We decided to go for dinner at one of the nearby restaurants in the heart of Montmartre - we feared that it could be an over-priced tourist trap, but it actually turned out to be a lovely little place. We were taken to a small and pretty garden, where the weather was nice enough to dine al fresco. With our Moules Frites and live music coming from inside the restaurant, it felt more like we were in the South of France than in the city.

Afterwards, we managed to catch the breathtaking sunset that cast the prettiest dusky light over the charming little streets, and it was one of those times that you feel truly lucky to be alive.