holland park & kyoto garden

After all that good food, we decided to go for walk and vaguely aim for Holland Park, a short walk away from Notting Hill station. I had never been but remembered that I had read it was a pretty park, so I thought it was worth a look.

What we actually found was way beyond our expectations - it's like an English garden (or gardens, as it was sectioned off into several different ones) straight out of a storybook. It's groomed but not too groomed, colourful but with plenty of green.

But in the middle of this English beauty, we found a little garden from my neck of the woods - the Kyoto Garden! A little Japanese-inspired gem with a pond full of fish, a mini waterfall, little wooden water pumps and smooth stepping stones.

And there was the most


peacock, just chilling out on the grass, posing for all of us taking photos. He is clearly used to being hounded by the paps.

We just had the nicest time walking through this park, and even though we were there on a sunny Sunday so there were lots of people around, it still felt strangely peaceful and gave me such a sense of contentment.

London is full of treasures.